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Our History 

I have always loved all types of animals and I have been very lucky to have had alot of them, cats, canaries, hamsters, small fish, ducks and so many more, but dogs have always had the first place in my heart.

Despite this great love, I would never have thought of devoting myself to the breeding, instead, after high school I continued my studies and achieved a degree in architecture. Then, following the family tradition I have set up my own architecture business.

It has been true love at first sight or perhaps a sign of destiny when Bianca, the nice little neighbors’ puppy slipped in our apartment and for various reasons, after  a few days it became our first little Maltese.

In our family, we always have had dogs, mostly big size ones, however we were  completely unprepared to the indescribable joy that Bianca brought in our house.

From the start, she conquered us with her immense sweetness, intelligence, her  astuteness, her ways to communicate to us through looks.. We were excited by the  boundless trust she gave us and her sincere joy in greeting us when coming back  home from work.

Madly in love of this breed, we began to study in depth the characteristics of the  different lines of blood, the standard, the reproduction, genetics.. Etc

We went to visit many breedings, little by little we approached the world of canine  shows and we finally decided to take a second Maltese to give her some company,  and it was so that Bernie arrived, and then well you know....... there is not two without three and so Peggy arrived , and then Coco, Tiffany, Chanel, The Small Prince, Margot, Gastone, and so on....

All of our little furry friends live in the house, in harmony with the people as well, and from the very beginning, they are immediately educated to the domestic life. We love them a lot of and we look for families that can love them just the same.

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