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Price and Guarantee

Our puppies come may be delivered beginning from the 60th day of age (on application or for foreign countries also later) after the scrupulous visit of our

veterinarian who has followed them since birth and who shall release a certificate of perfect health.

Besides, the delivery shall include:

The health book which includes the treatments dates against worms and the preventive prophylaxis for “filaria”, the vaccinations, a memo for the recall of the vaccine and the microchip number that identifies your puppy;

.- A puppy kit composed by a toy with which your puppy is used to play together with his brothers and his mother, a small bag of dry food he’s grown with here and other small useful things for the trip or the management of your puppy at home;

- a purchase agreement where health guarantees that we offer are specified, such as 15 days for contagious illnesses and up to a year of age for the congenital pathologies;

- The pedigree will directly arrive to the Enci office of your city to the attention of the new owner. It will be ready when the puppy will be approximately 4 months old and it will be the ENCI office to tell you that it is available through a postcard or a sms. According to law, any dog to be sold as purebred dogs must have a pedigree. The sale of a dog without pedigree is considered a fraud crime. The sale of reproducing animals without pedigree is forbidden by the DLG 529/1992 Art.5, paragraph 1 - Annex A.



The prices of the puppies vary from litter to litter and at times also among little brothers, not so much for the size but for the blood lineage and therefore for the selection job that has been done in the years with the purpose to reach one determined morphology and personality attitude.

Indicatively for a male puppy, the price can vary between the 1600 and the 2000 Euros,

for a female between the 1900 and the 2300 Euros + VAT, delivered when the puppy reaches 60-70 days of age. price are for puppies estimated up 2,5 kg when adult. Small puppies have different price.

Possible small teeth defects that don't ruin the beauty of the dog, neither bring problems of other nature may proportionally lower the price of departure of the puppy taking into consideration the extent of the defect.

No puppy will be held for a specific sale, without payment of a deposit.

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